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Build or Built look to the future with new addition to the team
Posted On  Sep 01, 2017

Happy New Year to all our customers. We are looking to build on our success as we move into 2017 and have been hiring to enable us to expand our no to low deposit house and land packages service across the nation. As such we are proud to announce the arrival of Clay to our team. We first met Clay at our Christmas party as the partner of Tahlia. For the past four months, Tahlia has been working in our company as the director and senior administrator’s assistant. The eighteen-year-old made an instant impression with the No1 Property Guide management team with his politeness, his enthusiasm and the way he carried himself. “What really impressed me about Clay was, at the end of the night, he stood up and shook my hand while looking at me squarely in the eye to eye and said how much he appreciated the opportunity we have given his partner Tahlia and how much she has grown as a person as a result,” said No1 Property Guide and Build or Built owner Darren Walters. “This cemented my initial thoughts that he needs an opportunity not to just prove himself but to allow him to grow and become the man he wishes to be,” he added. “I look forward to working closely with Clay and coaching him to become the best he can become while helping our clients into the property market.” Clay is now part of our team at No1 Property Guide and Build or Built, both of which have grown in popularity as potential homebuyers look to extricate themselves from the rental spiral. At No1 Property Guide and Build or Built we offer 100 percent full turnkey homes; 100 percent fixed price contracts; mortgage managers to help you through the process from start to finish and great customer service for everyone from first home buyers, investment property buyers and those looking to get off the rental roundabout. Interested in learning how we can help? Contact us here and here for more information. Check our social media here: And find out what people are saying about us…