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Owning your own home has always been a key part of the Australian dream and owner occupied homes are the backbone of the Australian real estate scene. Around 67 percent of Australian private dwellings are owner occupied according to the 2011 Census, one of the highest levels in the world.

This reflects the ongoing dream of Aussie home owners to own their piece of our country and build a house in the location of their choice. So ingrained in Australians is the dream of home ownership that owner occupier rates have hovered around the 70 percent mark since post-war years. This shows that owner occupied home ownership has been handed down through the generations.

In an ever-changing world, we Australians have always looked at owning and occupying our own homes as helping to safeguard both our and our children’s future.

At Build and Built we understand your ambition to specialise in helping you get into your first home. If you’re looking for assistance and want to owner occupy your home, our specialist managers and consultants can assess your eligibility for a low deposit home loan if you don’t qualify for the local First Homeowner’s Grant (previously known as the Great Start Grant).

Please contact our team at Build and Built. We supply the full solution to owner occupier house and land packages that will get you into your new home quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Our master builders deliver full turnkey new home packages, with fixed price contracts and guaranteed build times to suit your budget.

Whether your piece of the Aussie dream is a house, townhouse, unit or villa, we’ve got the team to set you on the way to owner occupier heaven. Our focus is on new home packages and we’re ready to help!


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