As land and house package specialists, we at Build or Built have seen big growth in the South East Queensland property market over the last few years. Corresponding with a big increase in investment in key areas, such as schools, roads, shopping centres and other essential infrastructure, has come the availability of housing and an increase in the number of people wishing to live in the area.

One of these regions is the Gold Coast and the natural consequences of great location, easy access to schools, hospitals and close proximity to work has meant price rises in house and land packages.

However there are other factors that have combined to boost strong market interest on the Gold Coast.

“Several unique factors are combining to spark strong activity in the South East Queensland residential land market, particularly in the Gold Coast region,” said Brinton Keath, managing director of property analysts Oliver Hume Queensland. “Demand from offshore buyers, strong population growth, and a strong construction sector all contribute to the demand for new house and land,” he said to Gold Coast media in a recent article.

“These factors combined with a lack of land stock are generating strong buyer activity from both ‘warm’ and ‘hot’ buyers who have identified infrastructure activity as a hallmark of growth, and are rushing to capitalise on the potential growth,” he said.

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The boom in property, such as that witnessed on the Gold Coast, shows the popularity of the region, says Build or Built founder Darren Walters, as well as the desire to live in one of Australia’s top property hotspots.

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